How Casual Dating Can Help You Live A Better Life

Casual dating – you can save money, have more time, and even better your health. Don’t believe us? Find out how casual dating could help you live a better life.

Imagine how easy life would be if you didn’t have a girlfriend/wife/husband/boyfriend/family to think about? Imagine all those hours you would have to yourself instead of waiting around outside of changing rooms while your girlfriend tries on dress after dress in the local Cape Town mall, each one looking exactly the same as the one before. How much more time would you have to yourself if you didn’t have to work two jobs to maintain that loving family you created? What about the times you spent watching your boyfriend play games on the latest console that he simply MUST buy?

Let’s face it – if we didn’t have to worry about someone else all the time, we’d have a lot more time to ourselves, wouldn’t we?

Imagine what you could do with all of that extra time you have on your hands… You could finally sign up to that gym you’ve been talking about for months. Well, years. Almost decades in reality.

You could go shopping more, or have a better closet. Or both. You’d have more time to spend working on the car/house/your tan/traveling/etc.

When you think about it, these single people have gotten things all figured out, haven’t they? They aren’t stupid. Imagine the time those single people have to lather on themselves.

Jamie was married to a lovely woman, and they had a kid together. They both started to let themselves go after a couple of years of marriage, and didn’t have time to enjoy life. They worked, looked after the home, provided for the children, and that’s it. Their life was a blur of paying bills, soccer games, school parent’s evenings, working too many hours to pay the mortgage and afford to repair the broken boiler once again, and in general, things became tough for them.

They broke up and Jamie started to hang around with John. John was a serial womanizer – he only indulged in NSA sex, always had time to go to the gym, regularly frequented only the hottest bars and clubs in South Africa – the ones were all the celebs were papped, and Jamie started to follow along with the way that John lived his life. He started going to the gym, and because he was out “dating” with John, (which basically means picking up hot women for NSA fun) he tried to keep himself looking in tip-top condition, which means that he kept up with his gym routine, got a better closet, and started taking care of himself.

He stopped boozing quite so much, choosing to drink bottle water in the club rather than getting bladdered, and he even managed to quit smoking because a girl once told him he smelt like an ashtray. Because he had to impress someone all of a sudden, he kept himself looking good, which in turn, had a much better effect on his health.

I’m not saying that all married men should go out and leave their wives. All I’m doing is giving you a prime example of why single people are healthier than married people. Married people have a tenancy to let themselves go, and if you aren’t careful, you can easily find yourself in a rut. You won’t get away with letting yourself go when you consider yourself to be a casual dater in South Africa – there are far too many other beautiful people that you are competing against, and unless you are something a little special with a little something unique to offer, you won’t find yourself standing out above the rest.

Of course, there are two sides to every story, but we aren’t going to mention my friend Malcolm, who has been single for over five years and has SERIOUSLY let himself go. He tries to hit on me every now and again but… well, as I said, he just doesn’t stand out! 😉 You can find him now on a wonderful dating site called South African Soulmates! Too romantic for me, but perfect if you are looking for a serious relationship. I wish Malcolm luck, but he had better clean up his act first, as that site is full of gorgeous, fit ZA women, looking for love.