What Everyone Is Saying About Adult Dating

If you’ve heard the myths about adult dating, you’re likely to be put off. Here are the biggest myths everyone is saying about adult dating, and the real truth behind them!

Adult dating – it’s naughty, dirty, seedy, only there as a way for married men to cheat on their wives, and stupid young lads to sow their wild oats. We’ve all heard the myths about adult dating, right? Those dirty little things that people say about it – people that have probably never tried it, or enjoyed the delights it can bring, ever before in their lives. It’s funny how people that haven’t actually tried it can have such an opinion on things, isn’t it?

Here are the biggest and best myths I’ve come across as I’ve chosen to adult date, and the REAL truth behind them…

“Women can’t do NSA sex. It’s not in their nature.”

Really? It isn’t in our nature? I met a guy in a popular mid-city Cape Town bar three nights ago and took him home for a night of the hottest, sweatiest, mind-blowing sex I’ve ever had… We didn’t exchange numbers, and I’m pretty sure he said he didn’t live around here. I have no intentions of seeing him again, yet I had sex with him. What was it those other people said? Women can’t do NSA or casual sex? I’m living proof that they can, surely?

Not all the girls out there are looking for hearts and flowers, chocolates and big romantic gestures. Some of us need a good hard screwing just like you guys do, in fact more so sometimes. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m going to fall in love with you and want to have your children.

“Relationships can’t be started from NSA sex…”

Well, once again, this is a myth. Take my friend Amie, for example. She met her “better half” (as she calls him) on a South African adult dating, no strings attached dating website four years ago. They have been married for two years and are currently expecting their first child. Again, this is a prime example of how easily misconstrued adult dating can be.

Just because the people looking for casual sex don’t want to settle down, doesn’t mean they won’t always want to settle down. If you’re the perfect people for each other, of course it will work. Amie and her better half had great luck and great timing… It just goes to show that things can go either way.

“Adult daters spread diseases”

Actually this is most definitely not true, and in fact, this statement makes me incredibly mad. This was a comment left on an adult dating blog I came across, and I left a furious rebuttal, as you can probably imagine.

Adult daters spread diseases? What a ridiculous thing for someone to say. Adult daters know better than anyone the dangers of STI’s and unsafe sex… That’s why they are better at it, and have even managed to make putting on a condom look sexy! Maybe it’s those non-adult daters that should be taking tips from the adult daters?

I’ve heard a lot of things from friends, family, work colleagues, and even people I don’t know as I’ve made my way through South African dating websites, clubs, bars, supermarkets, and even gyms picking up men that I have the best and horniest sex with… I like to think I’m as good a person as any to put an end to the lies and taboo subjects. What do you think? Are there any you think I may have missed out? I’m sure this will create a debate 😉