The Truth About No Strings Sex

No strings sex gives you the chance to explore the very crevices of your sexual fantasies… But without safe sex, things may turn a little sour!

Come on boys and girls… It’s time to talk serious. If you’re going to head around all the hottest clubs and casual sex dating sites in South Africa, looking for only the best and most beautiful hot women for NSA fun and casual sex, you need to be serious about your health… Are you having SAFE sex? We know you’re having enough sex – with NSA websites popping up all over the place, you can’t help but be intrigued by the casual sex world. Are you really having safe sex?

When you think about it, you don’t really know how many people you’re having sex with. This might be an odd thought but think about it in this way – you could be having sex with the note chick that you met in that Riversdale bar, but she could be having sex with a guy from Somerset West, another guy in Prince Albert, and who knows how many more? If you’re not having safe sex, you’re technically coming into sexual contact with all of those people.

I want you to have fun, but I want you to have safe fun.

An STI, as awful as it may seem to bring up when you’re out trawling for beautiful hot women, or amazingly ripped hot men, will put an end to your sexual experiences. You don’t want anything coming out or going in that shouldn’t be, so it makes sense to bag up if you’re going to spread it around.

Let’s consider those lovely men and women that are looking for a little something extra-curricular from their “regular” relationship…. It’s not going to be nice having to explain to a loved one that they have managed to catch something from their secret infidelities. When you consider that you are meant to tell everyone that you have come into sexual contact with, things could get more than a little awkward. It just makes sense to use contraception like condoms as you are going about your business.

The thing is there are still ways to make condoms sexy. We’ve all heard the horror stories – your penis will go flaccid, she becomes disinterested, it ruins the moment, etc. It doesn’t need to ruin the moment, or do any of those things, if you learn to put a little spin on things. Girls – why not spice things up by learning to put a condom on with your mouth. Guys could learn how to do it while still kissing and caressing her body at the same time. There are ways to make this work, and one thing I would always recommend is to practice. Sounds ridiculous but you know what they say – practice makes perfect! 😉

At the end of the day, it’s up to you what you get up to behind closed doors and in actual fact, I would encourage you to explore your sexuality as best you can. However, at the same time, give your health a little thought. You would throw yourself under a bus or a train without a second thought, so why would you choose to play Russian Roulette with your sexual health?

The truth about no strings sex…. Safe sex is better, and ensures more fun!