Hi there! My name is Gracie and I am a … let’s say 30-something woman, living and working in South Africa. I travel between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth a lot with a busy job. This means that I have very little time for a relationship and tend to rely on casual dating scenarios to see me through. Being a well-travelled woman, I have my fair share of sex dates and although there are times when I do crave a cuddle at night, I much prefer my life just the way it is.

It’s simple for me – I travel between three and five days per week for my job, often resulting in me staying in hotels and motels along the way. There were a couple of occasions that I spent the night sleeping in the car, but that’s another story for another day perhaps! 😉

When I travel, I like to experience the “local cuisine”, to so speak. This means I like to sample the men in the places that I travel to, being taken to different restaurants, bars, clubs and places of interest in towns all over the country. I see places I wouldn’t normally see as a tourist – hidden away restaurants with the most to-die-for bolognese, for example.

I have sex that most other women can only dream of. I know this because they tell me. That’s the reason I started this little blog… I know I have good sex because other women my age, in relationships aren’t having the same great sex that I’m having. If I were to tell you that I had been tied up by a hunky adonis in a five star hotel, spanked on the ass by a businessman on his wife’s side of the bed, and wooed by a younger university student, traveling to the city on a uni trip, and that was just in the last month, would you believe me?

Well, you’d better believe me. It’s all happened. I’ve had sex that most people would only ever fantasize about from sex in the great outdoors, to blow jobs in cars under the stars. I’ve enjoyed each and every single one of these experiences in their own little way, and I’ve got to be honest, most of these experiences have only happened as a direct result of the various sex dating websites I’ve signed up to in a bid to avoid spending lonely nights in cold hotel rooms. They can stay the night if they want to, as long as they check out by 12pm. The hotel rooms are all paid for anyway, and I’ve generally got to leave by 8am to catch the next flight, train or bus.

It’s glamorous and to be honest, I really love it.

When I tell my friends, both male and female, about my sexual exploits during my travels, most of them look at me with a face that can only be described as embarrassed awe. I love that face when I tell my stories – that’s the whole reasons I tell them.

So here we are – me sharing the weird and wonderful stories that my sex life has had the pleasure of enjoying, while at the same educating those that want to find out a little more about sex dating, casual dating, or NSA fun… whatever it is that you guys and girls like to call it.

Happy reading! 🙂